What is Netbiokem?

As we know even before the advent of (COVID-19) there were always products available for disinfecting of commercial, industrial, and other premises. Optimizing our work procedures and application methods is an important part of the puzzle, and so is the choice of disinfectants. Hence, Netbiokem ????? ?????-?? ?? ? ??????? that vary greatly in its composition, active materials, claims, and methods of application and suitability for purpose.

Callington, an Australian owned and operated company, is a specialty chemical manufacturer that has been operating globally for over 50 years in aviation, bio-security, and other industries. It has been used across the world and is suitable for all transport, commercial, industrial, institutional, health services, and military, and essential services industries. Netbiokem DSAM is distributed exclusively by Himgiri Hygiene (P) Limited in Nepal.

How to use Netbiokem DSAM?Direction for uses:

A. Spray
• Allow 5 minutes contact time after disinfection
• Wipe the surface with a clean, dry lint-free cloth

B. Liquid/Wipe• Wipe and leave for 5 minutes to ensure complete disinfection
• Wipe the surface with a clean, dry lint-free cloth

C. Fog
• Must be carried out in empty premises/areas
• Ensure all external doors are closed

Why Netbiokem?
• Kills Covid-19 virus in 2 minutes
• Eco-friendly and high protection
• Highly effective for any sectors like houses, factories, industries, educational institutions, financial institutions, health services, airports, transports, etc.